Just Like a Woman is more than a retail experience! In this elegant and inviting setting, you can shop for lingerie that meets your changing needs. From puberty to maturity, a woman's body changes and so do her undergarments. 

From your first bra fitting until you retire to the comfort of camisoles, Just Like a Woman's experienced and qualified fitters will be there to assist and advise. Add in a cup of tea and some heartfelt laughter and you have the ingredients for a warm and wonderful experience.Entrance Image

Maternity: JLAW carries many brands of nursing bras.

Mastectomy: The spirit of survival is strong here. We know just how to help you find the products you need to pull it together with style. In addition, we will handle all of the insurance issues for you. Come in have a cup of tea, sit back and let us take care of you!

Hard-to-Find: We carry fabulous bras for all sizes. Whether you are a 28D, 56G or somewhere in between, let us hook you up!

We believe women deserve to be treated with the utmost dignity at every stage of life or health challenge. We offer:

  • Certified Fitters
  • Knowledgeable, Experienced Staff
  • Private Dressing Rooms
  • Personalized Attention
  • Appointments Available
  • Guests Welcome
  • Custom Compression Orders
  • Alterations
  • Medicare and HMO Billing

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