Dear future Just Like a Woman Customer,

I'd like to invite you visit us at our location on 6333 SW Macadam. You have probably driven past, seen the sandwich board with the purple corset on it, and wondered, "I wonder what they do in there?" Very simply, we fit bras. Whether you have had a mastectomy or just a difficult time finding a bra that fits, we can help! We also fit women and men who need medical compression products.

In 2001, my dearest friend and business partner, Fern Carness, MPH, RN had her second mastectomy and was unable to find the post-surgical products that she needed. We both agreed that the women in the Portland metropolitan area needed a place to find appropriate undergarments in a safe and caring environment -Just Like a Woman opened her doors just six months later! We felt that from cradle to grave, women are always made to feel less than ... too small, too big, too scarred... unacceptable. Our goal, from day one, has been to restore the amazing feminine power. While Fern has since passed on, her vision and passion lives on. We will always strive to help provide support, products, information and compassion to everyone who visits us.

The drive might be a little confusing, but once you have found us, you'll be glad you did! You will be greeted by one of my experienced fitters or our store mascot, Paz, the Labradoodle. Don't worry, she's hypo-allergenic, and, I think, is just a human in a dog suit! You will then be escorted to one of our beautiful fitting rooms, where your medical or fashion needs will be assessed and addressed. We take the guesswork and frustration out of your search and will give our best effort to have you leave a satisfied customer.

While we would like to think that everyone leaves happy, we realize that sometimes that is not the case. If you leave Just Like a Woman, and your experience has been less than satisfactory, I want you to give me the chance to rectify that by offering you my personal e-mail address: I will do my very best to make you a happy, repeat customer.

My girls and I look forward to working with you; you're going to love it, I promise!

Yours truly,

Margy Imlay, CMF